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    5 most in-demand careers in Odisha India

    5 most in-demand careers in Odisha India

    If you are planning your career path and wants to learn new skills, we are make you know top 15 most in-demand career objectives. For all candidates have right to know the current trending job in the market. If you Want to know all top 5 job related updates, about job duty and salary then follow our article. Now a day  many  industries are want to higher the candidate who have good skill.

    Here a list of most in-demand career factors which is ranked by salary (high to Low);

    1.Home Health aide – They are the trained health-care worker who provides assistance to a patient in a door-step and do some household duties and also checkout the  patients daily condition. They are average per month  salary is ₹ 12, 313.

    Some responsibilities include:  

    • Helping patients with dressing, bathing and doing some personal work.
    • They take care of patient like they give them medicines and they also help the nurses who higher for this patient.

    2.Physical therapy aide – A physical therapist will develop work for care their patient and motivate them to exercise, so that they improve their heart health, maintain balance of body weight and reduce also pain. They are average per month salary is ₹. They Have also some responsibility:

    • They are assist patient when they are doing exercise.
    • Record all the equipment that was used in treatment.
    • They are also providing support to patient.

    3.Web Developer-Web developers use  programming language like PHP, HTML and CSS, Python, Java Script etc to create easy to navigate site for their client. They are average monthly salary is ₹16,719 . some Responsibility of Web developer are:

    • Designing, writing and editing website content.
    • Gaining knowledge of a new web applications and programming.
    • Checkout any website issue with testing and customer feedback
    • They are also making website updates.

    4.Software Developer-The main responsibilities of a software developers are to search, design, implement  and manage software programs. Some responsibilities of a software developer are

    • They are making fix errors and also improve software performance.
    • Preparing project reports.
    • Connect with software engineering personnel to assess software/hardware interfaces.

    5.Digital Marketing- Digital marketers are make promotion of product, service and brand through digital media. With growing number of user on the internet, digital marketer have more demand. If you  want to be a digital marketer you need to have some skill like Social Media Marketing, Search engine marketing, search engine optimisation, Email  Marketing and more. Average salary of per month of a digital marketer is 15,000.Some responsibility of digital marketer are:

    • Social media management
    • Designing Email campaigns
    • Analytics
    • Content Writing
    • Website management

    Skills Required-

    • Good communication skills
    • Managerial skills
    • Seo skills and knowledge
    • Knowledge of various tools.

    To conclude

    All the job above follow some of the top rules. If you currently  applying for this job ,you should have some work related skills which we shown above.